Emma Park Neighborhood Center

The Emma Park neighborhood is located in the central area of Butte’s urban core.  Emma Park is part of a larger swath of blight within the city’s urban core, and is in dire need of renewal.  This project is part of an overall plan to transform a poverty-stricken neighborhood into a livable, healthy place for families and individuals.

The Neighborhood Center is designed to serve as a catalyst for re-investment and re-development of one of Butte’s oldest and most diverse residential districts.  The facility will provide office space for the District XII Human Resource Council as well as public gathering and service spaces.  It will also provide a variety of services in support of housing and neighborhood stabilization to low-income households and provide a social gathering place for the Emma Park area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Scheduled to begin construction next year, the project will pursue LEED certification with a target goal of LEED Gold.  The structure will feature energy enhancing and renewable energy systems including a green roof, solar photovoltaic and solar hot water systems.

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